What Causes Sprinkler Valve Leaks?


One of the prevalent reasons that individuals seek professional help with sprinkler repair is a leak in the sprinkler valve. No matter how expensive your sprinklers are, there will always come a time when you will experience a leak in the valves. Leaks may occur as a result of normal aging of the irrigation system, vandalism, weather damage, tree roots, damage from shovels or other sharp tools. Irrigation leaks from valves and pipes may be very obvious or large while some may not be noticeable.  Smaller leaks may not show up immediately and will require some detective work.  This is where irrigation repair Jupiter experts come in. 

What Should I Know About Caring for My Irrigation System?


Some individuals use their land for growing vegetables and fruits, while others just love to keep their gardens and lawns look healthy, colorful, and clean. No matter what you use plants for; irrigation is a critical part of maintaining it. For as long as you have constant irrigation repair Jupiter, your plants, grass, or shrubs will look as healthy as ever.


How Can I Tell If My Sprinkler System is Leaking?


Making repairs on lawn sprinklers may vary depending on the type of sprinkler you have. If you need assistance on sprinkler repair in West Palm Beach, O'Hara Sprinkler Repair is here to help. You should never let your sprinkler remain damaged because of the repercussions it could have on both the irrigation system and your property. Here are the signs that your irrigation system needs repairing.


O'Hara Sprinkler Repair

Since 1973, O'Hara Sprinkler Repair has been providing reliable sprinkler repair and irrigation services to thousands of residents in community associations, HOA Communities, and commercial properties in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County Florida.

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  • Brian P.

    Excellent Service. They did exactly what they said they would. The repair man Joseph Montas was personable and went directly to the problem of the check valve not holding pressure when the system was off. Alex the owner answered the phone today and schedule another repair at another location. Very pleased with the whole process at a fair price.

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