West Palm Beach Sprinkler Repair

West Palm Beach Sprinkler Repair

It’s bound to happen sooner or later, whether after twenty years or just two. In all areas of your client’s community, the landscaping is not just alive, but healthy and thriving. Hedge lines are level and precise, shapely plant and utility beds are compact and weed free, flowering ornamentals broadcast color, beds are composted and weed free, and dense lawns shimmer green. Ongoing optimal cultural controls stabilize integrated pest management and minimize any need for chemical pesticide applications. Their property is a wonderfully conspicuous endorsement of your landscape service. Yet it happens anyway. A certified letter from the client gracefully announces that your services are no longer required and another service provider effortlessly slips onto the beautiful property and into service.

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West Palm Beach Sprinkler Repair

Now a year or two has passed when your old client invites you back to submit a proposal to renew service. As conspicuous as the property’s beauty had been at the time of your departure, the effects of negligent service are just as conspicuous upon your return. Of course, the extent of the damage is a factor of the degree of neglect that the landscaping endured under the replacement service provider(s). The client will sometimes go through more than one company before inviting you back.

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West Palm Beach Sprinkler System Repair

In West Palm Beach if irrigation and nutrition weren’t reliable, the lawn will indicate this first. Neglected turf starts to go away when it becomes chlorotic (lacks green color), dries out, and then thins out. Once it declines, the weakened grass is attacked by by insects and disease which create space for aggressive lawn weed infestation. It is so vulnerable to infestation that no amount of chemical pesticide or herbicide application can make it healthy again. Indeed, stepped up spraying can actually damage it further. Hedges and ornamental plants exhibit signs of ill health in much the same way. As they become yellow, thin, and thrifty of growth, the shrubs are also more readily infested. As with the turf, chemical controls are rendered largely ineffective or even harmful.

However, the most readily visible damage is caused when mechanical phases of service (mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, weeding) are delivered by untrained and unsupervised personnel. Dull, bent, or uneven mower blades can make a good lawn look terrible in seconds. Repeated mowings of this sort precipitate chlorosis, root damage, and pest and lawn weed infestation. Meanwhile, formal hedges and columns become “inverted” over time when they are trimmed too hard below and not enough near their tops, effectively making them “pointed” near the bottom. Besides looking terrible, these plants become thin or even defoliated near the bottom. Hedge lines that had been ledger straight now dip, roll, and slope at the ends. In many areas, plants encroach upon adjacent sidewalks and driveways, blocking access. Worst of all, the flowering, palmate, and big leafed ornamental varieties that had provided color and character to the landscape have been hacked with power hedge trimmers. Their foliage has been so reduced as to be cowering from the harmful effects of their monthly massacre.

When your company left, the plant and utility beds had been edged in good form to within a few inches of drip lines, tree trunks, and valve covers. They had been weed free and properly raked in a manner that preserved the plants’ own organic compost so essential to healthy soil. Now these beds have been converted to virtual deserts, both in terms of appearance and ecology. They are over edged and over “raked”. Plant lines are one to two feet inside the new sandy perimeter. Tree rings are three or four feet in diameter or have been joined with nearby beds, driveways, or sidewalks to where they have become indistinct or just one big sandy area. And the beds are too “clean”. After enduring months or years of “raking” with gasoline power blowers to get them that way, they are devoid of natural compost essential to stabilizing nutrition. Soil temperature and moisture levels have become as fickle as the weather without the stabilizing layer of rotting leaves.

Sterile sand left behind by the blowers is too eroded to cover plant roots growing near the surface in many areas. Other plant beds have been abandoned to weeds, vines, tree and palm saplings, and thick invasive vegetation that vigorously rob nutrition. Finally, there are “gaps” in the landscaping throughout the property that weren’t there when you left. Whole sections of turf, hedges, and ornamental plants have succumbed to the incompetent management and incomplete delivery of essential cultural controls: nutritional, irrigation, chemical, and mechanical (mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, weeding). Whereas, much of the surviving landscaping should recover once reliable cultural controls are restored, dead or missing plants can only be replaced at considerable expense, depending upon the extent of termination.

West Palm Beach Sprinkler Repair

Southeast Florida landscapes demand ongoing and conscientious attention to meeting both expected and unexpected service requirements if they are to be kept healthy. Expected service requirements include primary grounds maintenance, fertilizing, pest control, and irrigation maintenance. Because requirements for the unexpected can’t be understood right away, service providers must be alert for new developments in the industry. For example, entomologists estimate that a new pest is introduced into Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, and Monroe Counties an average of once per month because their ecosystems share many characteristics of other ecosystems around the Caribbean. Sometimes years of research are needed to identify the unexpected pest or disease before treatment can even be sought. If and when proper controls are discovered and recommended, they must be quickly and aggressively implemented. Because the competent and conscientious landscape service provider is in the minority in this industry, he or she eventually finds that it’s bound to happen sooner or later: an ex client will call to get their landscape service back on track.

Thomas J. O’Hara, President


O'Hara Sprinkler Repair

Since 1973, O'Hara Sprinkler Repair has been providing reliable sprinkler repair and irrigation services to thousands of residents in community associations, HOA Communities, and commercial properties in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County Florida.

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    Excellent Service. They did exactly what they said they would. The repair man Joseph Montas was personable and went directly to the problem of the check valve not holding pressure when the system was off. Alex the owner answered the phone today and schedule another repair at another location. Very pleased with the whole process at a fair price.

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